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Fine Art for Sale in West Palm Beach and Wellington: Paintings, Sculptures, Centerpieces, and Wall Hangings

Artwork carries the personality of a home, it breathes life into the design of a space by adding a unique touch. Artwork should inspire and evoke emotion of those who walk past it, it can even become the spotlight of a room or a conversation piece. Consign & Design, a consignment store in West Palm Beach and Wellington, carries an array of fine art for sale and wall hangings with the intention of offering pops of color and character for a home design. 

There are several ways to add art into a space. Here's a few ideas to begin decorating with art:

  • Create a gallery wall. Select a few pieces of art work or wall hangings that share a similar theme, color pattern or that compliment one another. Arrange the pieces in a collage so that the eye flows, then hang them on a wall. Additionally, unique picture frames can serve as a piece of art and can enhance this design idea. 
  • Select a piece of artwork and let it be the main focus of a room. A fun way to make art the centerpiece of a room, is to select a bold piece of art and choose wall colors and accent colors to highlight the art. This works best when the artwork is of a substantial size, so the colors will tie the room together. 
  • Incorporate a statue or a sculpture. Artwork in a home does not need to be limited to paintings and wall hangings. A sculpture piece can be a fun and unique way to bring art into a home. It can give the space a lavish and sophisticated feel. 

  • Overall, when choosing artwork be sure to choose a piece that is timeless and evokes positive emotions since it will be seen daily. Art allows the opportunity to bring a unique quality to a home and is a decorative touch that should not be forgotten. 


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