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Listen in our a Conversation with our Staff Members on How to Consign with Us

Listen in on a chat from our staff members, Alex and Melissa, on how easily it is to consign your furniture with us!

Alex: Okay, so walk me through the process. Someone wants to consign their estate or a couple of items. How does it happen?

Melissa: So the first thing is take some great photographs of what you have and you're going to email them with any information about the furniture if you have a brand name.

Alex: Yes, because that helps us determine how we're gonna price it.

Melissa: It does, but it also helps us determine what we bring in the showroom. Because, you know, we are a design showroom, so we want to know those designers that are available for us to consign. We want that furniture, that design of furniture. Email it to the store directly. And within 48 hours we usually get back to you on whether we can take your furniture or if we have any questions. Always put your name and address in the email, because there's a lot of times I like to call the customer and discuss what else do they have? We do take lamps, we do take chandeliers. So there could be some add-ons that we'd want to add on to that list.

How to Consign your furniture and accessories in one of our showrooms..

Step 1 - The evaluation process

  • It's easy to send all your photos and information from our website. Go to “How to Consign” from drop down menu and choose the location you wish to consign your items. Fill out the consignment form. Please upload photos of the items. We cannot accept furniture consignments without pictures. 
  • Provide details:  If possible, please provide the original purchase price of your item(s), who the manufacturer is, age, or other information that might be helpful. 
  • Acceptance:  We will notify you if your item(s) can be accepted on consignment and schedule an appointment for drop off. Please understand that our showroom floor changes daily and we do not have storage space for items that cannot fit onto the floor immediately.
  • “Drop Offs”:  We are happy to accept “drop offs” for home accessories and smaller items without picture previews.  Please make sure your items are carefully packaged.  Your items will be tagged for inventorying as time permits and we will notify you if there are items that need to be returned. Please review the description of items we can accept.
  • Condition of items: We cannot take chipped, cracked, stained, soiled, faded or snagged merchandise. All items should be free of pet hair and odor. Any items received in that condition will be donated.

Step 2 - Pricing and Terms

  • Our pricing formula consists of condition, style, finish, color, original sale price and in some cases, the current retail price.  Any information you can provide will be taken into consideration when the item is priced.  We are familiar with the current resale market and final pricing is at our discretion. Remember, our goal is to sell your items!
  • The consignment term is 120 days. Please note that any items remaining and unsold after 120 days must be picked up within 1 week after the consignment ends or the item will be expired and /or donated.  It is the consignor’s responsibility to monitor the consignment term. 
  • Consignors receive 50% of the sale price the first 60 days, 35% of sale price 61-90 days and 25% of the sale price 91-120 days.

Step 3 - Getting your items to our store:

  • We offer an affordable and professional 3rd party pick-up service. Rates vary based on location and size of the item to be moved. We will provide you with the cost of the pickup based on the information provided.

Step 4 – We take it from there!

  • We will display your furniture to make it as desirable as possible. After all, it is in our interest to sell your merchandise for as much as possible!
  • We list our furniture online, on our website and we are 15,000 strong on Facebook.  
  • Our goal is to sell your item within the first 60 days.  

Step 5 - Payout

  • Upon the sale of your item, we write you a check! Consignor payment checks will be available for pick up on the 30th of the month FOLLOWING the month of sale of the merchandise.
  • We have thousands of consignors, we cannot call you and let you know when an item sells, it is important that you monitor, you can call or come in anytime to check on your items.
  • We only mail checks to consignors that have moved out of the area.



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