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2023 Interior Design Ideas From Our West Palm Beach Consignment Team

A new year means a blank slate and endless opportunities for new home designs and fashion trends. In 2022, our West Palm Beach consignment team, saw a lot of natural elements and homes designed with a cozy, family vibe in mind. What direction will interior design take in 2023? Well, some of our top predictions are a continuation of the farmhouse trend that popped in 2022 and a return of the 70’s! That's the beauty of fashion and design, it is always evolving. Remember, the best style is always one that represents you!

1. Modern Farmhouse 

The modern farmhouse style creates a home design that is warm, inviting and charming. It tells your family and guests to come inside, take a load off and relax. A modern farmhouse look can be executed with reclaimed wood, big, plush furniture that you could sink into, barn doors, iron accents and vintage accessories. The modern farmhouse adds a splash of sophistication with stainless steel appliances and interesting lighting. 

This design look makes your house feel like a home and is created with hosting in mind. The bones of this design set the stage for family gatherings, but having your loved ones fill the space is where the true magic is!

If you're going for a modern farmhouse look this year, look no further than our West Palm Beach consignment shop, Consign & Design to help you execute your vision:

Pottery Barn Farmhouse Trestle Table

Drop Leaf Table with X Base

Wall Hanging Shelf Dark Wood and Iron

CR Laine Sectional Beige 

Area Rug Abaca

West Palm Beach Consignment Farmhouse Ideas

2. 70’s Influence - a blast from the past

Bringing back past styles is always an interior design favorite. The iconic 70’s era has been making its comeback to the fashion and design scene for a while now, and it’s not finished yet. This year, pops of color, unique furniture pieces and funky accents will take over interior design. Clean, minimalist looks are still popular, but we are seeing an evolution toward statement pieces that bring a fun energy to the space. 

If this is the look calling your name, pick and choose from the top looks from the 70’s. Some designs are in the past for a reason, like plastic-covered furniture! 

Try interesting wallpaper, rattan furniture, textured fabrics, geometric shapes and patterns, macrame wall hangings and rugs, earthy colors, orange accents and velvet chairs - maybe even exercise your green thumb with a few house plants. And while you're at it, throw on some Fleetwood Mac and have yourself a dance party!

Shop authentic pieces from this era at Consign & Design:

Ibolili Chair Woven with White Cushion

Sleeper Sofa Celery Green with Dark Wood Legs

Serena & Lily Queen Bamboo HB, FB and Rails

Throw Rug

West Palm Beach Consignment 70's Era Ideas

3. Home Retreats - a focus on wellness 

Your home is your sanctuary. And if it's not, why? Your home may be one of the only places you have total control over. When you walk into your house you feel a weight lift off your shoulders and a peacefulness wash over your body. The importance of wellness and rest is taking center stage this year as it has become more and more prominent in our society, and for good reason! More people are looking to create spaces in their home to work quietly in, do yoga or meditate and bring an overall spa-like vibe to their home design. 

This interior design look can be executed with lavish, sink-in sofas, linen, ambient and natural lighting, wood and your favorite decorations that bring you peace. Think of a place that relaxes you. Maybe it's the beach on a warm day, or a lodge in the mountains, or maybe it's your favorite yoga studio. Let yourself become inspired and bring those qualities into your space. This design is really open to interpretation because it is meant to be designed for your wellness.

Check out these home retreat listings from Consign & Design:

Arhaus four piece sectional in burbank pepper fabric

Serena & Lily chandelier round raffia with fringe

Antique linen cabinet 

Buddha Ceramic with Green Glaze

West Palm Beach Consignment Home Retreat ideas

4. Bringing the Outdoors in

In 2023 we will continue to move away from artificial design elements and return to natural, earthy colors and decor that seamlessly blend the inside of your home and the outside. Houseplants and indoor gardening will be huge and so will natural lighting and linens. Try stone or wood elements depending on your location, and earthy textures like jute rugs or throw pillows. The goal here is to design your house the way nature designs the world, so lean into your geographical location and what elements are present there. It's no surprise this is a trending interior design look because society is heading towards a more sustainable future. So, keep the basil in your kitchen window and if you don't have any, try growing some!

If your bringing the outdoors in, here's a few listings from Consign & Design to help execute your vision:

Silk Tree in Square Woven Basket 

Print Abstracted Fern 2

Mirror Round with Wood Frame

Woven Rope Chandelier 

Salter Path Dresser

West Palm Beach Consignment Ideas to Bring the Outdoors in


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