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3 Ideas for Decorating with Mirrors From the Largest Luxury Consignment Store in Palm Beach

Consign & Design, a luxury consignment store in Palm Beach Gardens and Wellington Florida, offers a wide selection of stunning mirrors. Mirrors are a great way to fill wall space, make a room appear bigger, and combine classy design with functionality. Here are three ideas for decorating and incorporating mirrors into a Palm Beach Home Design

1. Use a mirror (or mirrors) to make a space look and feel bigger. 

Whether a design goal is to make a room, or a small studio, feel bigger, mirrors will do the trick. By utilizing mirrors, the eye can be fooled into thinking the space is larger than it actually is. As a rule of thumb, the bigger the mirror, the bigger the space will appear. One way to execute this idea is to find a long, thin mirror and place it horizontally on a wall, the length of the wall will appear to grow longer. The same is true when using a floor length mirror, this will make the walls appear taller, as well. 

Additionally, where the mirror is placed can help create the illusion of more space. If the goal is to bring more light into a space, try placing the mirror across from a window. By doing so, the natural sunlight from outside will be captured and reflected by the mirror, which adds brightness and spaciousness. For more tips on making a space look larger, check out this blog by the Washington Post.

luxury consignment store in Palm Beach Gardens

To create more space in a room with a mirror(s), check out these Consign & Design pieces from a local, luxury consignment store:

Reclaimed Wood Mirror

Howard Elliot Floor Mirror

Antique Mirror with Ribbed Dark Frame

Round Mirror with Thin Gold Frame

2. Create a collage of mirrors 

Another great idea for decorating with mirrors is to create a mirror collage. In order to execute this idea, find mirrors with interesting frames and different shapes that seem to compliment one another. They don't have to follow the same design look, and can be mixed and matched; however, stick with the same color scheme so that it doesn’t look chaotic. The placement of each mirror will determine how each individual piece ties together. Use plenty of time trying new combinations of mirror layouts, it is suggested to do this on the floor before hanging the mirrors up to save time. 

luxury consignment store in Palm Beach

To decorate with a collage of mirrors, check out these interesting Consign & Design mirrors from a local, luxury consignment store:

Hexagon Mirror Dark Bronze Frame

Round Mirror with Black Strap Frame

Round Silver Mirror with Carved Frame

Fan Top Mirror with Light Wood

3. Let a mirror become a piece of art 

When incorporating mirrors into a home design style, consider finding a medium to large size mirror to be the focal point of a wall. There are hundreds of grand mirrors with gorgeous frames that can serve as pieces of art. Try going for interesting textures, unique shapes, like ovals and circles, and detailed frames. All the small details in a mirror frame will make it look more decadent and dramatic. Then decide how the space around it should look. A few options are to add framed photos or artwork, or for a more natural feel, consider adding plants to drape around the grandiose mirror. For more tips on how to design with art, check out this blog post on fine art for sale in West Palm Beach.

Palm Beach Home Design

To decorate with a mirror as art, check out these Consign & Design pieces from a local, luxury consignment store:

Antique Gold Carved Frame Mirror

Labarge Mirror with Silver Leaf

Oval Mirror with Gold Carved Frame

Gold Rectangular Mirror


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