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How To Hang Art Like A Pro

Art in your home is a great way to express your personality or let shine through the bits and pieces of your persona which you don’t normally show the world.

Art is personal. It’s something that most people are extremely proud of and like to show off and share. Art is a conversation piece that doubles as a decor element pulling a room together or becoming a focal point and statement piece.

If hung wrong, your beautiful art can look more like a bad toupee than the gorgeous gallery you were going for.

This week in our “How To… Like a Pro” series we’re tackling Hanging Art.

First and foremost, your art should make YOU smile. You have to look at it every day or at least every time you pass by it in a week. Art should stir some kind of emotion inside you; a smile, a stir of motivation, or even be a piece that you can meditate to and get lost in its quiet contemplative colors, shapes and patterns.

Once you’ve chosen your art, find the CENTER of the piece on the backside of it.  Using a tape measure, measure it end to end, top to bottom and place a small mark where the midway point is of your piece.

Next and this is the most important part, measure your wall from the floor up, to 57-60”.   Mark the wall to either 57, 58, 59, or 60”.

Line up your art piece so that the center line on the back of your art is hanging directly over the 57, 58, 59 or 60” mark on your wall.

Ideally, aim for 57” but know that the Interior Design Pro’s hang art so that the center of the art piece is between 57” - 60” off the floor.

More Art Hanging Tips, Tricks and Hacks are coming in future “How To…. Like a Pro,” series. We’ll be tackling Professional Interior Design strategies for every room, every corner, every window and door.  Stay tuned in to our Facebook page and Instagram for new Interior Design How To posts and and subscribe here so you don’t miss any Interior Design How To’s Like a Pro.


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