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Consign and Design’s 6 Ways to Add Flair to Any Room - Inspired by Local West Palm Beach Homes

There are a few ways to spice up a space and make it feel new without the hassle of starting from ground zero. These tips are inspired by West Palm Beach interior design styles that focus on adding a bit of flare to a favorite room, without the stress. 

1. Declutter

The first step in refreshing a space is to clean out the old. Take a look around and see what items can be donated or thrown out to make more space for a new, evolving style. 

Follow the 80/20 rule. Out of about 80% of things owned, only 20% are used. Try to let go of the things that are never used and take up space. A sorting system is a great tool; have one area dedicated to things to keep, another area of things to take to a consignment furniture shop, and one final pile for seasonal items that can be placed in storage. 

2. Have a design style in mind before decorating

Research is key before jumping into an interior design revamp. Imagine the room is a blank slate, pick up a few West Palm Beach home design magazines and start bookmarking the pages. Go one step further and try making a vision board. For more assistance, check out 2023 trending home design looks.

3. Choose a color scheme 

After decluttering and finding a design style, choose a color scheme for the space. Color can be accented with throw pillows, blankets, a rug and wall art, all of these items can be purchased at a consignment store and don’t need to be bought brand new. 

A fun way to play with color is to use a darker shade on the walls and lighter shades of the same color throughout the room. Accent the wall color with bedding, consignment furniture, throw pillows, etc. to cohesively tie the room together. 

4. Use textures 

Texture brings uniqueness to a design, and textured wallpaper is a big trend right now. Consider adding texture with bedding, an interesting armchair and natural materials like rattan or a woven rug, like a jute rug. 

5. Use patterns 

Don’t be afraid to use patterns to tie unique pieces together. If the room has a simple couch or armchair, spice it up by adding a rug that has a pattern, but pulls the same color. Easy ways to add patterns are with curtains, baskets and throw pillows. 

6. Design and style bookshelves 

Bookshelves create great, open space to hold decor like plants, art and photographs, as well as additional storage through the use of baskets. Optimize the space in a room with this home design trick. Interesting bookshelves can often be found at a local consignment furniture shop.

There are easy ways to refresh a space without the stress of a total redesign. Follow these tips to transform a room, and remember it doesn't all have to happen at once!


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